Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sometimes you get things in your hand. You want it, but then you try to push it away. The best part is that even you get things according to your requirements, you push it away. And then you think over it, why? How could I? You get no answers but a silence and broken thought and memories that you do not like to remember but it keeps on poking you.

People get butterflies in their stomach as for me I get punches, as if been kicked hard. Things soothes down no doubt but, how long? Then the most crucial word comes “If”. Your present being compared to your past and your dreams keep on telling you, “If you have done that, this wouldn’t have been the result.”

'Hell', you shout or may be you cry in the darkness.  “If” haunts you and by the end of the night you go deep down to sleep. Its morning again and you are fresh with new zeal. But whatever you do, “If” never leaves you.