Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dark Tourism- A Mirror of Your Life

Few days back I was reading a blog that speaks about Dark Tourism. My first reaction was, what does this term actually mean? How tourism can be dark? Is it one of those life challenging trips? And then I learned dark tourism referred to those places, which have left a dreadful impact in the minds of people.

We all love to see those beautiful castles, royal palaces, blooming gardens, cascading falls and other such pleasant depictions. But do we like to visit places where tragic incidences haunted life of people? You may frown but think for a minute, why won’t you visit these places? Traveling ought to give you pleasure but it must also tell you that life is not always about happiness and comfort.

Death, blood, flesh- a sight which you will definitely hate to experience but why deny the truth! Human civilization is not all about positivity, it even bears the burden of clashes, betrayal, hatred and torture. 

Dark tourism is about a feeling called silence that comes after a series of frightful events. It is about witnessing the fight which comes with a hope to live again; it is a struggle against what was wrong. Dark tourism is a reality check to the sweet melody of life. It proves how pathetic we, the humans are! 

But is it that dark? I guess not! Dark tourism is a warning to the mankind. It points out a period in our life which is depressive, yet promises to give a better tomorrow. It proves, life never stops and there is always a bright day on the other side of a dark night, giving you a chance to live again from the ashes of a horrifying life.