Thursday, July 2, 2015

Finally, it’s Raining in Kolkata!

Image Courtesy: Kunal Chakraborty 

 “I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying” … these words belong to an unforgettable comedian who added pun in every laugh and he is none other than Charlie Chaplin.  

I can never question the wisdom of this genius, but I experienced different moments today while returning from office. The day seemed fine, until the phone call came and it took away all the happiness I held for so long. Here I stand in a position, where I cannot question because the call was important and I have to compromise. However, I cannot deny the fact that I was sad.

The moment I came back to my desk (after the call ended), few colleagues started talking about the much expected July downpour. And I laughed out saying, “Thank God it’s raining; now, my monsoon content could be posted in the social media wall!”

I never hated rain, but yes I was angry today.

The clock ticked and it was already 6:45 p.m. Our office premise turned into a small island and I was pretty sure, finding a vehicle all way to Karunamoyee would be next to impossible. So, I turned off my computer and bid goodbye to my colleagues for the day.

The moment I stepped out of the office, waterlogged road welcomed me. Flowers started showering in form of heavy rain and cars splashed water like blessings. Now, that is 30 minutes rain in Kolkata for you!

Excessively crowded buses with passengers hanging from everywhere (why don’t they try Olympics, I wonder!). Autorickshaws charging fares as if they are a part of “chalo, loot lo Kolkata” auction. I was already aware of all these. So I decided to walk all the way to Karunamoyee and then get an autorickshaw to home.

There was irritation and anger of not being able to get things in my own way. Everything was hitting me very hard, but to tell you the truth, monsoon has a magic. It can make you sad, nostalgic and absorb you in depression, but once you become a part of the crowd, there will be an automatic smile on your lips, you cannot let go off. 

There were people on the road with funny expression - a guy reminded me of the movie, Forest Gump, waiting eagerly to go home, all drenched. Then there were some who were walking in a beach style, i.e. wet shoes in their hands. Of course you cannot ignore the lovebirds who grab this opportunity to get close to one another, trying to relive the Raj Kapoor- Nargis moment. There were also some snobs who were trying to find a dry land to stand for a while, but had to surrender for the day and walk through the “drain- er jol” (dirty drain water). I pity them!! But I was actually enjoying, identifying the ups and downs through the waterlogged broken road and avoiding chances of tumbling into water (of India or Indians may be... ew!).

Finally I arrived at my destination and nearly bumped myself onto a man, who should be in his 40’s. He was super excited and nearly shouting with joy. He shared his happiness to his co-bike passenger… “aj hebby moja hoyeche” (I really had a great time). There was a childish spark in his eyes that I could not avoid and smiled at him the moment I crossed. He smiled back and then started talking to his fellow passenger once again with the same thrill and joy.

I nearly bargained with an autorickshaw (felt like a part of Chaitra Sale) to reach my home.

May be He wants to cheer me up too because there was a woman surprisingly selling bunch of roses only for Rs. 10. I bought 2 bundles for Ma and came back home happily, with more positive thoughts that I got rid of many calories today!    

I was annoyed and angry, but things around made me happy. The expressions of people and how they were dealing with the situation made every moment very interesting. I found 2 men complaining when 2 women forced them to get in a crowded bus (very unusual moment, I must say); and then a man trying to educate another, how to start a scooter in a road full of water.

Actions varied, but each one of them wanted to reach home and share their story for the day. There were expressions of annoyance, but everyone was united. People were walking on the street, warning others about safety and even sharing small jokes. 

I didn’t cry in the rain, rather cursed, laughed and sang (humming of course!) because I was enjoying my own time in my own way, observing the life in Kolkata, when it rains….