Friday, May 11, 2012

Berlin- Day 1

Something is really forcing me to write this part, last week it was a Deutsch movie and today it was Don2. So I am here to narrate my Berlin tour of May 2011. 

This time it was three of us (Mom, Sister and me) taking the train from Melsungan reached Berlin at 5 in the evening. Calling 5 p.m. evening would be an insult because the sun never sets before 11 p.m., so I better call it afternoon. Stepping down in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central station) was really exciting. I was eagerly waiting to see Sigi (aunt) and Hans (uncle). We haven’t met for 5 years. How are they doing? How do they look in their own country? And several other questions were hovering through my mind.
cheers to the night with my German family
Then I saw her, a tall beautiful lady looking for us and I hugged her from the back. She gave a big smile and she said, “Riti!! You are in Berlin now! Welcome”. I found my uncle in the Volkswagen, waiting for us and greeted in his typical Anglo-German words. We spent 3 days in Berlin and 2 days in a place known as Fehmarn, by the side of the Baltic Sea.  There was so much to happen and I could not hold myself. Yes, I was DAMM EXCITED!!!! 

It will be stupid enough to call the city clean as they all are. But when you can compare each and every picture in your Grandma’s album, what you can say is amazing. The buildings with smart structures and every veranda has been decorated with flowers. We went to an Italian restaurant for pizza and unfortunately I had to eat one huge pizza all by myself. My sister kept on smiling looking at my terrible condition. Finally, we reached at Sigi’s house. We were really tired and hit the bed leaving the house trip for the next day.