Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fly Away Phoenix

Fly away my phoenix
come back when you want to return
I will be waiting here for your care and love

Fly away my phoenix
I don't want to see you in pain
for the pain you bear to bring me here
can't be the same that tears you apart now

Born again from those ashes 
from those hopes and love I have always, 
fly away to rear me up again in your cozy arms, 
Fly away my Phoenix...
fly away...

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Goodbye Earth!

Oh dear sky, strapped in wires, 
no dark clouds around, and earth is on fire,
The leaves turn yellow, the young fruits die,
birds fly away, but no trees to stand high

The bears hunt for fish,
but the streams are now dry,
bones are all they get,
and the poles are left without ice.

Humans, are you done with growth?
Digging out the oil for greed?
Melting the mountains to make roads
and for other ravening needs…

Did you see the tears evaporate
from your eyes like the water from streams?
The heartless building stood lifeless now,
like the windless open streets..

Now you wail, now you cry,
Blame the world when you are about to die.
While the earth cried harder to tell you she needs care,
You were busy making wars and creating religious fear.

It's time now to leave the earth that once She loved and reared,
to someplace somewhere in the void, where someone will always care.